Get a fast, accurate, professional response to gunshot events!

What is the Eagle Sensor from Shot Tracer?

The Eagle sensor(s) from Shot Tracer is a gunshot detection sensor. It provides an affordable solution to the growing need for gunshot detection technology.

Its patented acoustic/concussion (change in air pressure)/vibration detection sensors send a signal identifying that a gunshot(s) has occurred and the location(s).

Trust 1 Security will install and provide monitoring service for your complete property’s needs.

Shot Tracer Eagle AP
Operating as a standalone unit for cellular signal or connected to your current alarm monitoring equipment, a notification can be integrated into your alarm monitoring service.
Shot Tracer Eagle AP
Immediate notification of all types of gunshot events means fast response times
Shot Tracer Eagle AP
Patented detection system integrated into a small self-contained safety sensor installed in each and every unit.
Shot Tracer Eagle AP
The Eagle sensor(s) will let you know in what part of your property the gunshot event has occurred. Your response plan will become more effective at responding to events and saving lives.


- Mounts on the ceiling and appears like a smoke detector
- Indicators: Status indicator provide basic visual feedback
- Connections: Single RJ45 connector providing power and access to a single contact closure alert output.
- Optional wireless connection to the alarm panel
- Sensing: Patented gunshot detection sensor to accurately determine valid events
- The sensor detects changes in air pressure and sound within the area of coverage
-Patent #10,054,576 B2
- Hard wired or wireless solutions can be connected to an existing or new alarm monitoring system.
- Panels are labelled within each system so they can communicate the zones where a gunshot event occurred.
- The alarm monitoring panel sends a signal to the monitoring station triggering the notification procedure.
- The cellular solution enables SMS notification.
- Input: +6V~26V DC input from external power
- Temperature: -20°C ~ 50C° (-4°F ~ +122°F)
- 95% Relative Humidity
- Enclosure: White/Black ABS housed in a ceiling mounted accessory
- Weight: 0.5 lb (227g)
- Dimensions: 24”x50”x50”
- Voltage 8v-60V