"We exist to help you achieve your objectives!"

-Douglas Macy, Founder & CEO

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Douglas Macy is the owner of Trust 1 Security. He has been serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1986. He has served as Vice Chair of the Toronto Chapter of ASIS in the 1990’s, in 2003 to 2010 he served as Chair of the Emergency Management Committee for BOMA Toronto. During his tenure as Chair, BOMA Toronto hosted and then published:

  • The Avian Flu Pandemic Workshop and report in 2006
  • The guide to emergency management for Commerical Properties in 2006
  • The G20 workshop of 2010 and the award winning G20 workshop report of 2010

Of note, is that BOMA Toronto released the report to the public and its 800 members 3 months prior to the June G20 and it was downloaded close to 20,000 times. Douglas has also previously authored a number of articles including:

  • “Computers and The Security Professionals: What can we do to improve security in the automated world of business”, Canadian Security, June 1993.
  • “Open Telecom Market Attracts New Players - but be careful”, Canadian Property Management, Telecommunications issue focus, April 1999.

Douglas earned the CPP designation (1990) from the American Society For Industrial Security (ASIS).

What is Trust 1 Security?

Trust 1 Security is a VAR – value added reseller. We are not obligated to sell dormant inventory on our shelf, we shop and buy the best product for our clients needs and then install and energize the system ensuring maximum value. The lack of inventory pressures reduces our overheads ensuring we remain very competitive while delivering best in class solutions.

Trust 1 Security delivers the services that helps to protect your property. More than that, we help to protect your budget. We do this by focusing on YOUR COMPANY getting better performance out of the investment in security. We take the time to evaluate the current equipment and help build a strong long term plan for our clients that allows them to weather changes in technology, market conditions and industry standards.

Preventative Maintenance check list:

  1. When was the last time your contact list with the monitoring company was updated?
  2. Do they use passwords to validate/authenticate the person they are speaking with?
  3. Does the existing monitoring company record all conversations when an event has occurred?
  4. Does the monitoring company provide you with event reports in a timely manner? Do they have your email account number?
  5. Do you have a zone list, with detailed descriptions of each piece of equipment on the security system. Examples: motion detectors, door contacts, magnetic locks, tamper switches, etc.
  1. Are all your security cameras labelled when they present on the monitor or are they simply numbered?
  2. Is all of your security cameras working? Are they dirty?
  3. Can you see images clearly at night – IR vision?
  4. When was the last time you viewed any playback on the recording appliance? If tested, how far back can your view? One day? One week? One month?
  5. Is they quality of the playback images clear and concise? Is the timelines of the playback smooth or jumpy – how many frames per second are you recording?
  6. When was the last time your system was cleaned?
  1. Do you have lost cards? Are they removed from the system?
  2. When was the last time you backed up the hard drive of the card access system?
  3. How many schedules exist within your card access system?
  4. Do you have separate schedules for tenants that are no longer in the building?
  5. Where are the spare access cards stored when they have not been programed into the system?
  6. Who performs the programming of the access cards?
  7. When was the last time the administrative password was changed?
  8. Have you ever performed an audit of the reporting?
  9. How many times has a lost de-activated access card attempted to gain access?
  10. How old is your card access system?
  11. When was the last time the operating system for the computer was updated?
  12. What version of the card access system are you operating? Is there a new version?